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BLL stand for Basic Local Lua.
BLL is a free minimalist portable Lua programming environment,
with a advanced built in text editor, that is good for writing text and editing code.
the Editor workflow is made for keyboard use only!
BLL editor has Lexer (coloring layout) for: .txt .php .Lua .bll .ini .bat
Text Indexer: indexing word for better overview and easier
to jump/access all part of your document.
Project Handling, with goto file function (links in text)
BLL is a Just-In-Time Compiler for wxWidgets,
that build Stand Alone Windows Executable (.exe)
Built in help: Stand on a function and press F1 to get help about the function.
Play .wav and .ogg Sound
it have system timers
File handling
BLL is built on BLini engine that read/write .ini files, and run extra .blini script command's
BLL Encryption command, to encrypt/decrypt sensitive data

BLL is Lua a script language that is build on wxWidget
wxWidget is a C++ library for Win/Linux/Mac that use the native windows components
it's a event driven so every action is put in a event queue, Example button, input and scintilla


Free highly customizable text editor,
(BLL_Basic.rar can be used as your USB stick texteditor programming tool)...
If you only see BLL as an text editor, then it's one of the most customize text editor
you can get for your money!
Every BLL command is between 10 to 100 line of C++ code and because of that it's very fast to write a windows application
(Make a empty Window application in C++ you need to write at least 90 lines of code)
Example: If you write a application with 1000 lines of BLL code,
that is equivalent to 3000 to 20000 lines of C++ code.
Easy to learn, you can learn the basic BLL/Lua in a week
Very small compare to other script application platforms
(a minimum Stand Alone Project: 6.72Mb)


Unknown programming platform
Not yet properly bug tested, that's why I create BLL Script Contest 2017
to get help with bugs and further development
No libraries, what you see it what you get!
Can't change charset at the moment, it's only on my TODO list...

26 June 2018

HOWTO change the SYStray/application icons

If you don't like the BLL B icon you can change it to your liking!
I did it mostly for myself because I forget how to do it!
You can also change the the name in the taskmgr, by change the [Ctrl-Alt-B] "data\BLL.ini"
FileDescription = "New taskmgr name"

2 June 2018

BLL v4.22c Alpha 11, Save file problem

If the file did not match exactly,
I make it refuse save the file with an error message.
Then you need to [F12] Save File As.. to force save the file
Apparently the filesize and the size in scintilla don't match and the explanation I get is
that scintilla don't use char it use Unicode that mixes 8 byte and 16 byte for different chars
Scintilla use unicode control chars to extend to different languages
I think if the font can't handle the 16 bit char you currently using then he make a illegal
character, saying he cannot render the this specific char.
Now the editor only refuse to save the file if the file become empty and
contain at least 1 character.
Save the file if the editor and the file is diference.
Remove the code for testing seting encoding
Bugfix: [Ctrl-Alt-F1] Show a tips

29 May 2018

BLL v4.22a Alpha 11, Unicode Bug fix

I start by saying: I am sorry for not updating BLL in over a year

I took 6 year to write #BLHTML#.
I manage to force 1 person to install #BLHTML# but then he never use it!
#BLHTML# is not as fancy as WordPress but the way you control the database is magical!
So I get depressed and move away and break my sons heart by moving away.

After 7 year I finally pull myself together and write BLL,
I even try bribe anyone to write a short BLL Script in "BLL Contest 2017"
just to make anyone want to test BLL out.
When no one show interest in BLL Script Contest 2017
I get depressed again (I am such a snowflake).

I then was thinking to pull myself together and make a easy game where the gamer don't need
to learn anything (just Download, run and play)
But I start BLL and it's the same as with #BLHTML# I get stunned,
I forget how good the editor is.
The truth is I buy text editors for hundreds of dollars and my favorite
editor back in 2009 was kate that is free (the Windows version sucks)
I am so very picky when it come to text editors,
so for me I stop buying new text editors because in the end
they are not even close to what kate was/is.
BLL text editor is the thing I like with kate plus all the modification
you can do for your workflow.
BLL is not as fancy as the Atom editor but BLL is faster and smaller and for me easier to modify.
BLL is a event driven language as BlitzMax but in Lua.
Lua is the most simplified language and BLL is powered with OnEvent functions and
windows functionality.

#BLHTML# has its own embedded syntax and I can understand, people don't like that.
But the way you can embed your database in the <html> code that make it up for the uglynes.

I estimate you can learn #BLHTML# in a week.
BLL is a language so easy you should already know how it's working,
BLL has built in help and built in navigation for fast writing windows application.
So I was thinking it take 1 to 2 day to learn BLL, still it's to long time to get started,
so in the end, I even give up trying to make BLL your default texteditor.

Now I has no expectation anymore.
I say thanks to the guy that pay $10 for BLL, it make my depression bearable!
I ended here rambling how encoding from the web browser destroy your saved file,
I just say it's now fixed in todays update.

You still can't change encoding but your file doesn't get destroyed when saving your file.
I still have the love for BLL, but when no one wants it, then what I do?
I am thinking to add JavaScript to BLL, for data mining websites
I now use jQuery in the web browser for picking the data from the webpage but I don't have a routine to save the data.
So if I can use javascript I can make list of site I want to crawl for data and save
the data

Still I don't know what to do. If I make a game I have at least fun making it!

If you don't want to code BLL/Lua, EDii is still a good text editor for keyboard only!
EDii the editor is made to work without your mouse in mind.
Plus I can't live without its indexing functionality, (you can set bookmarks in your textdocument)
If you have question or suggestion you can always contact me with the bll script "BLLchat.bll"
I am usually online, even if I am AFK.

15 March 2017

Announcement, timetable 2017

I see in the itch.io statistic that some people come here everyday and look!
That is more than I expected, I can only say thank you to itch.io and all of you that
come back and look here now and then!
That's why I go out with this Announcement!

#BLHTML# is/was my main project in life!
I was working on #BLHTML# for 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 6 years+
I know my spelling sucks, but that is not the reason why I failed to advertise #BLHTML#!
If I can't make people use my tools for free, I need consider doing something else!
That's why I need to focus my time until August on the BLL Script Contest!
I am going to IT Colleges and Universities in my Region and try make BLL talks.

If the BLL Script Contest 2017 become a failure?
I am still going to implement/finish:
Make BLL Open Source, and I am going to add at least 20 more library function to BLL
Make that you can force/save/load a new charset.

I got a break through on a BLL talk on Leyte Normal University.
I ask on the way out if they was interested in a Online alternative exam / test platform?
and to my surprise they say YES!

So the last month I have been working on a #BLHTML# exam / test platform.
You can test the demo: Test your BLL skills

I have 2 library's I been looking closer on that I want to implement in BLL:
zip and iExplorer web rendering engine, but don't expect to much until at least Maj!
If someone have any suggestions on what to include in BLL. I am still all ears!

I appreciate if you tell me your experience of BLL, both good and bad!
For me that use a text editors every day, for me text editor is a lot of feelings...

Announcing BLL Script Contest 2017

BLL Script Contest 2017 has 20 prizes worth over $2200 + 10 Extra consolation prizes.
Make a functional BLL script that have more than 300 lines of BLL code before August 10, 2017, and have chance to win one of 20 + 10 prizes.

23 February 2017 BLL v4.21b Alpha 11
Bugfix: When [F12] Save FileAs it only change the directory not the .bll file root.
So when you [Shift-Ctrl-N] Create a new template BLL file, [F12] SaveAs,
then when you [F5] run the script, the .bll file root was still the old path and show you a
Error message that "images/heart.png" was not found!
The old root was the application root, the new root is the location of the .bll script file.

BLL home page.
Latest version: BLL v4.22c Alpha 11

BLHTMLfacebook youtube


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